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Junk Removal in York Pa

Junk is annoying to deal with, and it can be even more annoying to remove. It’s no wonder that many of those procrastinated junk removal projects have resulted in cluttered homes. Is your basement filled to the seams? Does your garage house all of your excess stuff instead of your car?

If you’re like most people and answered yes to those questions, why not give us a call? We’re you’re the hassle-free option junk removal option in York Pa for getting rid of all the stuff you don’t want. It couldn’t be easier! Just let us know what you don’t want, and we’ll take care of the removal and the disposal.

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What We Take

We’ll take pretty much anything! 

  • That heavy old couch
  • Those rusty bikes laying around 
  • Your antique desk that is never used
  • The treadmill that broke 5 years ago
  • The old mattress that you just upgraded
  • Almost anything else you can think of

What We Don't Take

While we will take almost anything, there are a few items we won’t take.

  • Medical Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Some heavy-duty materials such as concrete
  • Tree debris
  • Your dog that won’t stop barking (just kidding we love dogs!)

But that’s about it, we’ll take almost anything else!

Junk pile for removal in York Pa

What We Do With It

Naturally, you’re probably curious as to what we do with Great Grandma’s antique desk that you’ve finally decided to get rid of. You’ll of course want to make sure it goes to a good home. There are several options in York on where to go with your items depending on what it is. We go through a three-step process that dictates what to do with all the items we collect.

  1. Is it gently used furniture or household items? If so, we donate the items to local nonprofit partners to be put to use. If not we move to step two
  2. Are the items recyclable? If so, we recycle them to keep them out of the dump. If not we move to step three.
  3. If the items don’t meet the prior two criteria we take them to the local waste management facility where they’re typically burned for energy to create electricity. 

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How It Works

Getting your junk out of the house is as easy as counting to three. There’s just three simple steps

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On the scheduled day for the junk removal, our friendly, professional crew will come to get it. All you have to do is point it out to use and we’ll do the rest!

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