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Our Approach to Junk Removal in Lancaster Pa - When It Has To Go NOW!

Junk, it’s a nasty four letter word that no one wants to deal with or think about. No one that is, except us! We’re your number one option for junk removal in Lancaster Pa. So don’t worry about that pile of junk collecting dust in the garage, or the old furniture pieces in the basement that you’ve been wanting to get rid of for the better part of a decade.

At Cook’s CleanOUT Services, we get rid of your junk for you in a timely, and convenient manner. All you have to do is schedule a pickup time and wave goodbye to all your unwanted items as we drive them away. It couldn’t be easier!

Our Pickup truck and 20-foot trailer is one of the larger junk removal vehicles in the county, so we’re prepared for items big and small. When it has to go NOW, think Cook’s CleanOUT Services. 

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What We Take

We’ll take pretty much anything! 

  • That heavy old couch
  • Those rusty bikes laying around 
  • Your antique desk that is never used
  • The treadmill that broke 5 years ago
  • The old mattress that you just upgraded
  • Almost anything else you can think of

What We Don't Take

While we will take almost anything, there are a few items we won’t take.

  • Medical Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Some heavy-duty materials such as concrete
  • Tree debris
  • Your dog that won’t stop barking (just kidding we love dogs!)

But that’s about it, we’ll take almost anything else!

Junk Removal Trailer

What We Do After The Junk Removal

While the removal of junk is often the part of the process that’s focused on the most due to its inconvenience, the disposal of the junk is another important part. Not only is the disposal of junk not free, but doing it responsibly is complicated as well.

However, just because it might be cheaper or less complicated to dispose of junk by throwing everything we haul away at the landfill that’s not what we do. One of the ways that we are different from other junk removal companies is because we handle our junk disposal responsibly. 

Whenever we pickup any items, we always want to make sure that we’re eliminating waste as much as we can and building sustainability into all of our processes. We do this through a simple 3-step process. 

  1. First we evaluate if the items are gently used and can be reused by local nonprofit organizations who partner with us. If not, we move on to step 2.
  2. Here we evaluate whether or not the items are recyclable (such as various types of metals). If so, we make sure they go to local recycling facilities so that they can be turned into something else. 
  3. If the items that we pick up don’t fall into the previous two categories, then we take them to the local waste facility where they are typically burned and turned into electricity. 

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How It Works

Getting your junk out of the house is as easy as counting to three. There’s just three simple steps

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We’ll give you a free quote based on how much junk you have. We can either do an in-person estimate or you can email us pictures of everything.


Schedule A Time

Once you’ve received your quote and accepted it, we’ll schedule a convenient day and time to pick everything up for you.



On the scheduled day for the junk removal, our friendly, professional crew will come to get it. All you have to do is point it out to use and we’ll do the rest!

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